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Stop making hits for yourself and your friend circle only. As a talented creative it's time to get that music out there to the rest of the world. Grow your fanbase, open yourself up to more opportunities and income, push your craft to limits it's never seen before with a "Distro & Promo" package!


How it works:

You submit your single to us along with a bit of info and any promotional material you may already have and we'll get your music distributed to ALL major streaming and purchasing platforms. We'll then submit links to your release to our list of curators, radio & TV, influencers, personalities & hosts, event promoters, industry execs and more.


We will create a dynamic EPK (Electronic Press Kit), based on the media and information you have provided, including all the necessary information, links and files for your release and artist.


We'll create small sharable media that can be used to promote your single via social media and other ad based platforms, tailoring your audience to ensure the best results in viewership and interactivity. 


We will submit your release to appropriate third-party marketing and promotions platforms (subject to release budget, be aware: some third-party platforms charge more than others)


We will create and manage a professional promotion campaign based on your time-frame selection.


We will provide quarterly updates and payouts of your specific views/streams/earnings.


We will report any third-party communication and opportunities we receive based on your release.  

Distribution & Promotion

  • The fees paid today are service and package content related and DO NOT apply to the charges that will be incurred for campaign running. Campaign running fees are determined and divided after consultation with the purchaser or user of this service. In MOST scenarios, the purchaser/user has a pre-determinded budget approved and ready for access to be paid to the appropriate third-party platforms, in the cases where this is not applicable we will determine a suitable budget and present to the purchaser/user for approval. Should this be denied, all further amendments to budget must be self completed and resubmitted so that we may be able to meet it the requirements to the best of our abilities. 

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